Vintage like…@emilienrb


I live in Port de Bouc, in the South of France.

I’m fascinated by the universe of fashion since I was a kid, to the point that during a period I used to draw and design dresses and clothing just for fun. When I started high school I met two friends who where into vintage fashion, and they hoocked me up. For me, wearing vintage makes easier to choose garnments that help me to differenciate myself and to gain self-confidence. Besides that, I used to follow one of my cousins on the social networks, where he always shared his sleek vintage outfits… these are the influences that made me love vintage fashion.

I think that my favorite vintage garnment is my pair of brown low cut Dr. Martens. They work with very diverse outfits, and on top of that they are aging really well! emilienrb


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