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Vintage like…@jaillouu


I came from Lyon, France. I’ve always loved fashion and nowadays I have the good fortune to work as a stylist and costume assistant in cinema.

I could say that one of my main influences is the belgian stylist Walter Van Beirendonck,  who I really adore: how he plays with differents textures, the “pop” colors, how he transcends genres in his creations. I’m also inspired by the new technologies applied to fashion and what they can bring to creativity and aestheticism, like the japanese brand Anrealage, whose fashion shows are a truly must see. On a daily basis I’m trying to consume less and less unnecessary stuff. I’m interested in the “slow movement”, downsizing, anti-fashion, ethical fashion and the fashion revolution week… I think that this is the main reason for which I started to wear vintage. It’s my way to cut myself of from mass consumption and hard-edged capitalist society.

The second reason to wear vintage fashion is much more intimate:  I’m am convinced that clothing can carry memories and emotions. They are like a second skin, like a sort of  membrane. I wear many clothes from people that mean of have meant a lot to me. There’s a history and a strong emotional connection that you can’t find in garments that are produced today. When I get into a vintage store, I try to imagine the stories behind all my findings.      

My favorite garment its without any doubt a coat that I wear quite a lot: way too big for my size, with plenty of different colors and absolutely 80’s. When I wear it I’m happier than spring flower, it has become an extension of myself. I believe that fashion is so close to us that we should always try to find happiness out of it! Audrey

Photo by Zito Tseng