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Vintage like…@lami_nerverstop


I’m from Italy, in particular from Agrigento in Sicily, but I’m currently living in Florence.

My love for Vintage come from a passion I have for it. It ranges from fashion, to design and music. What I love of vintage, it’s to go to markets, searching something unic, a particular and qualitative piece. But also behind a vintage piece, there is a story/a person or different of them, so after I buy something I like to think “Wow, who knows of who was”. I find my inspiration, doing research, going to markets, sharing this passion, buying something I have only me, going against mass fashion. My motto is: “Care, Repair, Rewear”.

My favorites vintage pieces are a shirt that I bought in Valencia, and a checkered jacket of Christian Dior that I bought in Florence. lami_neverstop