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Vintage like…@salomejezabel


I came from Tholonet, in the South of France. I grew up sorrounded by pines and olives.

I’ve always been drawn to objects and garments that have their own history behind them. I started to hunt for vintage stuff when I was in high school, and once adult more and more reasons to wear and buy vintage became apparent: to have beautiful pieces for a better price, of course, but front and foremost as an ecological choice. The textile industry is an human and environmental disaster, and vintage is one way to fight it.

My favourite garment is a Dior handbag from the late 70´s – early 80’s, found at @jolibambi … everyone asks me where it came from! Also, I refuse to start talking about my furniture: everything came from second hand stores 😁. salomejezabel

Photo by @sixtine.morard